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Creative Confidence Children’s Workshop

Aurora Life Coaching is pleased to announce the launch of creative children’s workshops – Creative Confidence – in Watford, starting 21st & 28th April 2016, 4.00 – 5.00 pm

Would you like your child to:

  • increase their self-awareness
  • be able to express themselves and how they feel, with greater ease
  • love themselves for who they are
  • develop resilience
  • think more positively


Imagine your child:

  • having a clearer sense of self
  • appreciating how unique and important they are
  • developing confidence in their strengths
  • developing emotional resilience to everyday challenges
  • feeling empowered
  • training their brains to think more positively… Continue reading

Space for Thought

Space for thought was illustrated to me in a very abstract way yesterday.  We were in VERY slow traffic, as I was driving my daughter to a dance show during rush hour, and approaching a roundabout.  There was a large gap about five cars ahead of us but it really didn’t make any difference as the traffic was so slow.  Suddenly, I saw the car behind pull out and thought it must be turning right as I had just noticed a training ground down there.  Then I thought it must be parking across the road… Continue reading

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