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Sarah, Hertfordshire

To be honest, I didn’t really know what to expect before the session. Karen gave an explanation of what coaching involves and how it varies depending on each person’s individual needs. I was excited to aim to learn techniques to become more efficient in managing particular thoughts and emotions.

I enjoyed the experience very much and would recommend it to anyone. It helped me to identify repetitive behaviours I have acquired and expose on a daily basis, which I probably wouldn’t have identified myself.

I suppose a main ingredient for success in coaching is to enable ‘yourself’ to achieve. I also believe the trust and respect I hold for Karen allowed me to open up and discover traits about myself that I feel I wouldn’t have without her support.

I found the approach very valuable, particularly the time given for me to think about the topics we covered, rather than them being discussed excessively. Karen gave me the prompts and open-ended questions I needed to, in turn, identify behaviours and reasons for why I am the way I am.

I thoroughly enjoyed this experience and feel that I could benefit from such a thing throughout my life. I have been given skills and strategies to help to deal with what I feel necessary, and also understand that I need to take a personal responsibility to take these skills and grow as a person by helping myself.

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