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Jo, Watford

Initially I was unsure what to expect from coaching, as it was my first experience. I was also nervous as to Karen’s expectations of me as a person. However, at our first meeting, Karen quickly explained her role and answered the questions I had, immediately making me feel more at ease and even feeling excited about it all.  I had thought about coaching as I wanted to change my job but was unsure and lacked confidence. It soon became apparent that I needed to look at different aspects of my life, not just work, which is something that had not even occurred to me.  At no time did Karen ever judge me or my opinions, even if they seemed a little embarrassing at times!  She was very professional, a great listener and had a good way of turning what seemed to be negative attributes into positive ones.

The sessions were well planned and tailor-made to suit my needs, and were adapted as my needs changed during the course of my coaching.

Seeing the skills I had gained over the years from work and my home life written down, gave me a huge boost of confidence and made me apply for a new job.  It was the first time in 12 years I had been for an interview, and with Karen’s help, I felt prepared and even quite excited about it!  I feel more confident about myself and my own abilities and this is thanks to Karen’s help, support and guidance.

Meeting with Karen has certainly had an impact, and I would have no hesitation recommending her as a coach.

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