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Emma, St. Albans

So much has changed since seeing Karen. My little boy is so much calmer and happier as am I. A much happier household, we had just lost our way and Karen help put the pieces back together I can’t thank her enough xx


I could never thank you enough for the work you did with me and am so glad you’re now helping so many others. Honestly, you really have been amazing.

Verity, Watford

I cannot express how highly I can recommend Aurora Life Coaching. Karen worked hard to change my 11 year old daughter’s fear of vomit through CBT.  Her gentle approach, encouraging words and the homework she set worked and now she doesn’t flinch at the thought of it or if it unsuspectingly happens on TV. We both truly appreciate everything she’s done and will miss our positive & uplifting chats.

FS, Watford

You are amazing.  You have changed my life.  I think that anyone with a fear/phobia should go to Aurora Life Coaching.  Thank you so much.

TK, Garston

My experience of life coaching with Karen has been very positive.  I feel it has helped me learn that all aspects of your life play a part in who we are today.  It’s shown me how to deal with certain situations and how to overcome barriers.

Karen’s approach to life coaching has been exceptional.  She has taken time to listen to me, and help me find solutions to situations that I have been in/may come across.

Helen, Watford

The thought of doing a presentation terrified the life out of me. Working with Karen helped me to see speaking in public as a challenge and not a failure as I had done so often in the past.  Furthermore, by adopting anchoring techniques they enabled me to change negative worries to thoughts of calmness and positivity.  I strongly believe that working with Karen not only enabled me to deliver my presentation calmly but it enabled me to pass my presentation exam too.

Please accept my heartfelt thanks for working with me and developing these life skills.  I… Continue reading

Sarah, Hertfordshire

To be honest, I didn’t really know what to expect before the session. Karen gave an explanation of what coaching involves and how it varies depending on each person’s individual needs. I was excited to aim to learn techniques to become more efficient in managing particular thoughts and emotions.

I enjoyed the experience very much and would recommend it to anyone. It helped me to identify repetitive behaviours I have acquired and expose on a daily basis, which I probably wouldn’t have identified myself.

I suppose a main ingredient for success in coaching is to enable ‘yourself’ to achieve. I… Continue reading

Nicola, St Albans

Before I started my coaching sessions with Karen I had no specific expectations but I knew there were some aspects of my life that I wanted to improve. I was at a loss as how best to move forward in life and I hoped that the coaching sessions would bring some clarity to my very muddled thoughts and help me find some strategies to deal with managing my work and family commitments.

The coaching sessions were very therapeutic. They enabled me to identify the areas of my life that needed to be improved, clarify my thoughts and feelings and develop… Continue reading

LW, Watford (Child Coaching)

I had no experience whatsoever of coaching before this. I found it difficult talking about personal things but it helped me realise what I needed to change and how to change it.  I liked the stories and how they related to what we were talking about.

I was able to achieve through an awareness of my actions and what I was trying to change.  There were clear goals.

I thought your approach was good because it was balanced and we always achieved something at the end of each session.  You were understanding about how I was feeling… Continue reading

Jo, Watford

Initially I was unsure what to expect from coaching, as it was my first experience. I was also nervous as to Karen’s expectations of me as a person. However, at our first meeting, Karen quickly explained her role and answered the questions I had, immediately making me feel more at ease and even feeling excited about it all.  I had thought about coaching as I wanted to change my job but was unsure and lacked confidence. It soon became apparent that I needed to look at different aspects of my life, not just work, which is something that had… Continue reading

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