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Be More Human

People seem to be more aware of how they are feeling. They label their feelings as ‘good’ and ‘bad’ but feelings are neutral and are part of being human. It frequently appears as though our feelings are coming from something outside us; from our bank balance, partner, children, job or boss.

Some feelings can seem really strong; ones we wish would go away. The stronger the feeling, the more we feel it is telling us about something true and the more it appears we need to act to change something. We begin to try to ‘fix’ our circumstances, or think… Continue reading

Going With the Flow

I am learning to go with the flow! I have a confession to make: I was a real control freak. I say ‘real’ control freak because I didn’t realise I was one. I did things with the best of intentions. I felt that I should be able to make sure everyone was happy and OK.  I had unreal expectations of myself and situations and became frustrated if I couldn’t make things ‘right’. These irrational thoughts and perfectionist expectations led to high stress levels. But now I’m free and am stepping into stillness. So what have I stopped doing and… Continue reading

Overthinking: 10 Tips to Break Free

Many people I have met, of varying ages, are prone to ‘overthinking’ at times. Some spend more time than others doing this.  Whilst it is good to be in touch with your thoughts and feelings, if you spend long periods of time constantly analysing them it can lead to feeling stuck in negative thoughts and feelings.  You create problems that aren’t even there.  This increase in stress makes your thinking more rigid and your decisions can often be forced.

Overthinking can also hold you in fear.  You are either stuck in the past with negative voices… Continue reading

Are You a Perfect Mother?

As a mother, do you take time for yourself? Do you spend money on yourself or do you see this as selfish?  I used to. I used to think that my existence once I had a baby was all about my child and I wanted to be a ‘perfect mother’.  I still worked full-time and in fact that made things worse for me because then I felt I had to be ‘Superwoman’.  Needless to say, I couldn’t keep it up and it affected my health.

I began to realise that trying to be a perfect mother is… Continue reading

Positive Thinking, Positive Living Workshop

Aurora Life Coaching is pleased to announce the launch of a one day workshop – Positive Thinking, Positive Living – in Watford on 11th February 2016, 9.30 am – 3.00 pm

My workshop is for people from all walks of life to be inspired to live a happy and fulfilled life and learn how to make positive, meaningful change.

Do you find yourself thinking the worst?  Is the glass half-empty? Do you describe yourself as pessimistic or realistic?

The way you think can have an impact on your overall health and wellbeing, affect how happy and fulfilled you feel,… Continue reading

The Act of Giving

What does the act of giving mean to you?  Does it mean making a donation to a charity of your choice?  How do you feel when you make a donation? How do you feel when you give?  How do you give?  Do you give without realising?

Giving has been identified as one way to improve your wellbeing.  It means looking outward rather than inwardly.  Any acts of kindness can help make connections with others.  Being connected has also been identified as another contributing factor to wellbeing and is a great happiness habit to… Continue reading

Stress Awareness Day

Today is ‘National Stress Awareness Day’ and the theme for this year is:

“Employee Wellbeing as a Worthwhile Investment in Your Business”

Anyone who has worked with me over the last year will know how important I believe staff wellbeing is.  It is important for all.  We cannot support young children as parents, teachers or role-models if we cannot look after, or take responsibility for, our own wellbeing and the wellbeing of our staff and employees.  Management should lead by example as well as support staff in ways to reduce stress.  Here are some … Continue reading

What’s your soundtrack?

I listened to some music as I was cooking the other day and one of my favourite songs of the moment came on. I began to dance around the kitchen; not a pretty sight I’ll grant you but I felt good. The song was ‘Uptown Funk’ and is not only catchy but I also associate it with a Danceathon I had organised at school for Red Nose Day. We had thoroughly enjoyed the day and had raised an awful lot of money so it had been a highlight for me.

I suddenly thought, why hadn’t I made a playlist of… Continue reading

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