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Be More Human

People seem to be more aware of how they are feeling. They label their feelings as ‘good’ and ‘bad’ but feelings are neutral and are part of being human. It frequently appears as though our feelings are coming from something outside us; from our bank balance, partner, children, job or boss.

Some feelings can seem really strong; ones we wish would go away. The stronger the feeling, the more we feel it is telling us about something true and the more it appears we need to act to change something. We begin to try to ‘fix’ our circumstances, or think… Continue reading

When it looks like you need more… resilience

When it looks like you need more… resilience

As you transform in your business you can experience discomfort and resistance.  In fact, this can occur during any period of change in life events.  At the base of this is stressful and insecure thinking. It can appear in many forms and manifest as:

• Self-doubt • Frustration (with yourself or others) • Anxiety • Physically – in various symptoms • Overwhelm • Uncertainty • Confusion • Stress • Exhaustion

Humans are designed with a self-protection mechanism to keep us safe. This was particularly useful when coming face-to-face with a… Continue reading

Creative Confidence Children’s Workshop

Aurora Life Coaching is pleased to announce the launch of creative children’s workshops – Creative Confidence – in Watford, starting 21st & 28th April 2016, 4.00 – 5.00 pm

Would you like your child to:

  • increase their self-awareness
  • be able to express themselves and how they feel, with greater ease
  • love themselves for who they are
  • develop resilience
  • think more positively


Imagine your child:

  • having a clearer sense of self
  • appreciating how unique and important they are
  • developing confidence in their strengths
  • developing emotional resilience to everyday challenges
  • feeling empowered
  • training their brains to think more positively… Continue reading

Stress and How to Survive

I have always viewed stress as negative, until now. Don’t get me wrong, it can be extremely detrimental to a person’s health but recent research and articles are stating that it is how we view stress that is the difference between whether it adversely affects our health or improves our lives.

Stress is inevitable, although I agree that some people experience stressful situations more than others. I have certainly had my fair share of those over the years.

One of my close friends always encounters stressful situations. The phrase, “It can only happen to me,” is frequently discussed over the… Continue reading

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