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personal growth

Be More Human

People seem to be more aware of how they are feeling. They label their feelings as ‘good’ and ‘bad’ but feelings are neutral and are part of being human. It frequently appears as though our feelings are coming from something outside us; from our bank balance, partner, children, job or boss.

Some feelings can seem really strong; ones we wish would go away. The stronger the feeling, the more we feel it is telling us about something true and the more it appears we need to act to change something. We begin to try to ‘fix’ our circumstances, or think… Continue reading

Positive Thinking, Positive Living Workshop

Aurora Life Coaching is pleased to announce the launch of a one day workshop – Positive Thinking, Positive Living – in Watford on 11th February 2016, 9.30 am – 3.00 pm

My workshop is for people from all walks of life to be inspired to live a happy and fulfilled life and learn how to make positive, meaningful change.

Do you find yourself thinking the worst?  Is the glass half-empty? Do you describe yourself as pessimistic or realistic?

The way you think can have an impact on your overall health and wellbeing, affect how happy and fulfilled you feel,… Continue reading

How to identify fear and overcome it.

Fear is a vital response to keep us safe. We can easily recognise fear when watching a scary movie, going on a ride at a theme park or realising we are in danger physically. But fear can strike in our lives in a range of ways when we may not even recognise it.

Fear has basic survival instincts attached to it. The fear of extinction or mutilation help to keep us safe but the fear of loss of autonomy, separation or even our ego cause all sorts of problems in our lives. Fear can lead to behaviours such as self-sabotage,… Continue reading

10 tips to boost your energy levels

Fatigue can become a downward spiral; sometimes triggered by a particular event, other times it is due to a build-up of other factors. It is helpful to investigate where your energy is going.  Here are some tips on ways to enhance energy. Think about what applies to you. Be honest with yourself about what may contribute to a lack of energy and what could be introduced.


Here are ten ways you can make changes in your life to improve the amount of energy you have.

Sleep – needs vary but quality and quantity of sleep is important. … Continue reading

Being Grateful

About 6 months ago it was suggested that I should say thank you to the Universe, at the end of each day, for something I am grateful for.  If I did this regularly I would develop a more positive outlook on my life.

Although I began, I did not remember to do it very often; not long enough to form a habit.  Through all the reading and research I’ve done since, practicing gratitude seems to come up again and again. I began to realise this was worth pursuing properly.

I even began to encourage the family to say something we were each grateful for, that had happened to… Continue reading

Personal Growth

Last month, I met a close friend and we had one of those long catch-ups when we put the world to rights. I was sharing with her the joys and discoveries I had made through Life Coaching and she began to tell me how unfulfilled she was feeling. She had been studying for a degree for years whilst working full-time and has three children so life had been pretty full on. Then she had passed her qualification and had begun a new role in the same place of work. However, life had not been quite what she expected from this… Continue reading

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