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Adding and Taking Away

I have spent many years adding to my life; making my life harder, trying to find solutions to ‘problems’ I perceived I had.  I’m not saying they weren’t there but at the time I didn’t realise where my experience was coming from.  I have invested in so many self-help books over the years, moving towards self-development (so that I wasn’t completely broken but ‘could be better’). It has always been an interest of mine.

The thing I have come to discover is that all I have been doing by practicing the latest tool or technique is actually… Continue reading

10 Steps to Align With Your Values

Values and morals have always been important to me and I believe that I have developed strong values over the years. However, it was during my coaching training, I realised how key they are to underpinning how you live your life and affect your happiness.

When you are living and working in situations that are aligned with your values then you can truly flourish.  If you are not living or working in alignment with your core values then you may feel lost, feel like something is off, feel stressed, restless or even depressed.  You feel stuck… Continue reading

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