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Adding and Taking Away

I have spent many years adding to my life; making my life harder, trying to find solutions to ‘problems’ I perceived I had.  I’m not saying they weren’t there but at the time I didn’t realise where my experience was coming from.  I have invested in so many self-help books over the years, moving towards self-development (so that I wasn’t completely broken but ‘could be better’). It has always been an interest of mine.

The thing I have come to discover is that all I have been doing by practicing the latest tool or technique is actually… Continue reading

A Moment in Time

I am not going to publish the blog I had planned to this week after an interesting experience I had last night. I went to a concert with my 16-year-old daughter. We went to see the American band, R5. I had heard some of their songs but didn’t know the words and had really only gone to be my daughter’s ‘wingman’.  I felt quite out of my depth but really enjoyed it. The band put on a great performance but I kept being distracted, even from their massive light show!

I could not believe how many people were using… Continue reading

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