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How Do You Feel Now It Is ‘Back To School’?

There is a new chapter on the horizon.  Parents up and down the country may be sighing with relief that the children will be back to school.  Indeed I saw a few posts on social media about half way through the holidays about how their children were behaving. Don’t get me wrong, I prefer to see those than the ones that make out life is idyllic 24/7!  Some 55% of 1,000 mums surveyed by self-development and meditation app Anamaya said that their stress levels go up over the holidays.

An article in a… Continue reading

A Simple Life

A simple life can mean different things to different people.

Simplifying your life is not always simple to do. It sounds simple; identify what is important to you and then eliminate everything else. However, with it can come a great deal of fear about the unknown and how it will affect others.

In reality there cannot be a set guide to what to do. You could start with identifying the most important things you want in your life; what is meaningful for you. Look at what you have going on in your life; what works well and what doesn’t.… Continue reading

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