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Going With the Flow

I am learning to go with the flow! I have a confession to make: I was a real control freak. I say ‘real’ control freak because I didn’t realise I was one. I did things with the best of intentions. I felt that I should be able to make sure everyone was happy and OK.  I had unreal expectations of myself and situations and became frustrated if I couldn’t make things ‘right’. These irrational thoughts and perfectionist expectations led to high stress levels. But now I’m free and am stepping into stillness. So what have I stopped doing and… Continue reading

What is Your Focus?

What is the focus of your life?


It is easy to focus on past events, blame others for your current situation, look at others and think that could have been me and to focus on what you don’t have.

Instead, ensure you focus on what you are grateful for; what you do have in your life.

Fear of failure often outweighs the desire to succeed. Focus on what you will achieve and then you will unlock a new aspect of yourself that you didn’t know you had.

Don’t blame others or your past, for what you don’t have, or… Continue reading

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