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Be More Human

People seem to be more aware of how they are feeling. They label their feelings as ‘good’ and ‘bad’ but feelings are neutral and are part of being human. It frequently appears as though our feelings are coming from something outside us; from our bank balance, partner, children, job or boss.

Some feelings can seem really strong; ones we wish would go away. The stronger the feeling, the more we feel it is telling us about something true and the more it appears we need to act to change something. We begin to try to ‘fix’ our circumstances, or think… Continue reading

Thought Creates the World…

“Thought creates the world and then says I didn’t do it.”

I hadn’t even heard of this quote until 5 months ago but I love it! It is a quote by David Bohm, one of the most influential physicists of the 20th century and a front runner in the field of quantum physics. I realised how true it is when I reflected on my resigning from a post a while back.  I was working my notice and was feeling quite disgruntled as I felt I had moved on in my head and then realised it was down to… Continue reading

Overthinking: 10 Tips to Break Free

Many people I have met, of varying ages, are prone to ‘overthinking’ at times. Some spend more time than others doing this.  Whilst it is good to be in touch with your thoughts and feelings, if you spend long periods of time constantly analysing them it can lead to feeling stuck in negative thoughts and feelings.  You create problems that aren’t even there.  This increase in stress makes your thinking more rigid and your decisions can often be forced.

Overthinking can also hold you in fear.  You are either stuck in the past with negative voices… Continue reading

What a Year! 10 Things I Have Learnt

Do you ever look back over your year and reflect on what you have achieved and what you have learnt?  I usually want to forget the current year and move on to the next in the hope it will be better.  However, this year I have achieved so much, both personally and with my family.

As I look back over the year, I realise how things have changed and how much I have learnt.  Here are 10 things I have discovered…

  1. The strength in allowing yourself to be vulnerable with those you can trust. I am better… Continue reading

A Moment in Time

I am not going to publish the blog I had planned to this week after an interesting experience I had last night. I went to a concert with my 16-year-old daughter. We went to see the American band, R5. I had heard some of their songs but didn’t know the words and had really only gone to be my daughter’s ‘wingman’.  I felt quite out of my depth but really enjoyed it. The band put on a great performance but I kept being distracted, even from their massive light show!

I could not believe how many people were using… Continue reading

10 tips to boost your energy levels

Fatigue can become a downward spiral; sometimes triggered by a particular event, other times it is due to a build-up of other factors. It is helpful to investigate where your energy is going.  Here are some tips on ways to enhance energy. Think about what applies to you. Be honest with yourself about what may contribute to a lack of energy and what could be introduced.


Here are ten ways you can make changes in your life to improve the amount of energy you have.

Sleep – needs vary but quality and quantity of sleep is important. … Continue reading

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