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How Do You Feel Now It Is ‘Back To School’?

There is a new chapter on the horizon.  Parents up and down the country may be sighing with relief that the children will be back to school.  Indeed I saw a few posts on social media about half way through the holidays about how their children were behaving. Don’t get me wrong, I prefer to see those than the ones that make out life is idyllic 24/7!  Some 55% of 1,000 mums surveyed by self-development and meditation app Anamaya said that their stress levels go up over the holidays.

An article in a… Continue reading

Mother’s Day: 5 Things I Never Knew

Mother’s Day is a day to show how grateful we are to our mums for all they do.  I know some people who love it and can’t wait to tell everyone what they were given by their family and others who think it is just one day and they do not want to participate in the commercialism of the day.

I decided to look into the origins of Mother’s Day (or Mothering Sunday as it was when I was young)

  1. It began in the USA in 1908 by Anna Jarvis when she held a memorial for her mother. She… Continue reading
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