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Parent Workshops

Would you like to parent with greater ease and harmony?

In an era when media, technology and lifestyle often overwhelm us, this course provides a refreshing approach to parenting.

It offers support and guidance to help parent from recognising the importance of your relationship.  This is not about what is right or wrong but taps into all the well-being, wisdom and common sense that you (and your child) will ever need.  Instead, it looks at issues faced by parents from the perspective of what creates the human experience and what gets in the way of our innate wisdom on a day-to-day basis.

Your trainer, Karen Sieben, has over 20 years’ experience as a teacher and is qualified in Performance Coaching and Stress Management.  More recently, her work as a Transformation Coach involves helping individuals, groups, schools and companies towards an understanding that has the power to transform their experience of life.

By participating in this course you will create the opportunity to:

  • Have stronger relationships
  • Parent with greater ease
  • Simplify your life

“This workshop helped a lot in gaining an insight of how we human beings can get trapped into our own thoughts and sometimes make situations worse than they are.  It was amazing to gain an understanding of how mind works and how we can use our wisdom to be the best we can be.” (R.D)

“10 out of 10” (R.G)

“The Parenting From the Inside-Out workshops are excellent. The workshops are informal and friendly and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The workshops help to refine your thinking to become more effective in your parenting and communication with your children. In fact, you can apply the useful insights you learn from the workshops to all areas of your life, in order to maximise your performance.” (J.R)

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