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I have included below some of the books I have found inspiring to read and you may find helpful.  I have included links to Amazon below so you can find out more about them easily.

I read this book before even thinking about training as a life coach. It had an impact on me then but even more so reading a second time round and now I have a greater understanding of the Three Principles.

This book is so easy to read and explains the Three Principles clearly. I definitely recommend reading and re-reading as you will get a different or more in-depth insight each time.

A book full of questions, case studies and reflection points to challenge misunderstandings and regain clarity of mind.

This book is easy to dip into with quick to read ideas to help put things in life in perspective and stop driving you crazy!

I love that this shows how you can increase productivity by slowing down (and it doesn’t involve major changes!)

A guide towards more effortless parenting. Having read ‘The Inside Out Revolution’ first, this made great sense to me.

I found this book moving when I read it as I could remember feeling like this when I was a teenager. A great way to empathise with your teen.

This book is easy to read, myth-busting and has clear chapter summaries. Highly recommended for anyone in a relationship.

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