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Resilient Leaders

In these times of change and uncertainty, schools need engaged staff that can maintain their wellbeing and focus on performance.

Leaders and managers can lead by example through:

  • increased ability to remain calm under pressure
  • the ability to make decisions more easily through maintaining clarity of thought
  • trusting they have the ability to make decisions and move forward in a decisive way
  • increased ability to inspire and motivate
  • confidence to provide honest and straightforward feedback
  • increased and deeper communication skills; beyond superficial ‘lip-service’
  • creating the foundation for organisational resilience

Resilient Staff

Staff will be more resilient and productive when they:

  • realise the true source of stress, pressure and frustration
  • see situations with perspective
  • understand why people have different reactions to the same events
  • trust they have the ability to get over things and move forwards
  • work productively with people who have different values, beliefs and expectations
  • can work in an environment where they can have truly honest conversations and work out solutions to mutual satisfaction
  • minimise the negative impact of moods, state of mind and low-levels of wellbeing

The beauty of this work is that it is a subtractive model and does not require participants to add more to their ‘to do’ list.  It does not add tools or techniques to master but is based upon powerful conversations and realisations.

It helps schools demonstrate:

  • effective leadership
  • engagement with parents
  • consistently positive attitudes
  • confidence in accountability
  • honest and effective communication
  • good relationships throughout school – with colleagues, pupils, parents and governors
  • the ability to act decisively
  • thorough and honest self-evaluation
  • respect and courtesy throughout the school community
  • creativity
  • productivity
  • trust throughout the school community
  • improved focus, clarity of thought and morale of individuals and teams

I can create packages to cater for your school’s particular needs and challenges.