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10 Steps to Align With Your Values

Values and morals have always been important to me and I believe that I have developed strong values over the years. However, it was during my coaching training, I realised how key they are to underpinning how you live your life and affect your happiness.

When you are living and working in situations that are aligned with your values then you can truly flourish.  If you are not living or working in alignment with your core values then you may feel lost, feel like something is off, feel stressed, restless or even depressed.  You feel stuck… Continue reading

Have You Ever Said ‘Yes’ When You Meant ‘No’?

“All the mistakes I ever made were when I wanted to say ‘No’ and said ‘Yes’. (Moss Hart)

Often we do this because we want to be liked. However, through doing this we can easily become overcommitted and too busy to enjoy life. Then feel we have let ourselves down and resent the person who asked us.

I have a friend who always used to say, “I’ve done it again.” She is still learning to say ‘No’ but is becoming more aware of this. She would often have ‘No’ in her head but ‘Yes’ would come out of her mouth.… Continue reading

What is Your Focus?

What is the focus of your life?


It is easy to focus on past events, blame others for your current situation, look at others and think that could have been me and to focus on what you don’t have.

Instead, ensure you focus on what you are grateful for; what you do have in your life.

Fear of failure often outweighs the desire to succeed. Focus on what you will achieve and then you will unlock a new aspect of yourself that you didn’t know you had.

Don’t blame others or your past, for what you don’t have, or… Continue reading


My husband is very focused on tasks and sees each one through to completion before he moves on. I used to think I was superior as I could multitask. However, I know I get near the end of activities and virtually complete them but don’t always see them through till the end.

Nowadays complete focus on one activity is deemed the way forward and the most productive.

As I write this I am checking my phone, watching TV , answering questions, helping one of my daughters with her phone and talking to my husband.

It is difficult to monotask these… Continue reading


Change is inevitable. Have you ever wondered why change is so stressful for many of us? Even good transitions are stressful. It is fear of the unknown and adjustments to our day-to-day lives which cause the stress and both good and bad change all need adjustment. Also if we encounter situations or events that are not consistent with our core beliefs we experience levels of stress. Our brains expect most things to stay as they are. The earlier we learn something in our lives the harder it is to change. That is why children are more adaptable to change as… Continue reading

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