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Career Coaching with Aurora

Work can be both your making and your undoing. – Anita Houghton

A happy working life can be inspiring and fulfilling and can have a positive effect on other areas of your life. An unhappy and unfulfilling working life not only ruins your working days but can infect your whole life with misery. Therefore, investing some time and energy in getting it right has considerable effects on your life as a whole and sets the framework to achieve your dreams.

Employers nowadays want people with ‘Critical Skills’. It’s not about what you know as much as how you think: the ability to problem solve, think creatively and work through a process to achieve a desired outcome. The career coaching process will help you achieve clarity and confidence and therefore begin to think in a more creative and decisive way.

Through conversation and the use of tools and techniques I will help you review your strengths, identify what is important to you and your underlying values and beliefs. By knowing and understanding yourself you are in a position of strength and can then review and plan your career with confidence with support from me along the way.

Benefits of Career Coaching:

  • Increase self-awareness
  • Make a plan to improve work/life balance
  • Understand current challenges
  • Make a decision about a job or career move
  • Generate a list of career options
  • Gain knowledge about your strengths
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