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Brand Your Brilliance

Do you want a business where you feel confident about what you do and how you do it?

Do you have a calling for your work but are unsure how to get your message out?

Do you have so many wonderful ideas and struggle to put them together in a powerful message?


Branding is more than just a logo or website. It is what makes you, YOU.

Defining your brand is what sets you apart from the rest of your industry.

Your brand is who you are, what you stand for and what you promise to deliver, in whatever format that may take.
It is the entire experience that your clients have when they come into
contact with you or your products and services.

If you are not clear about who you are in your business and what you do then you cannot expect your potential clients to be clear either.

This lack of clarity is what prevents attracting and signing clients and generating a consistent income. It also creates difficulty with marketing as you are not clear about your message, or indeed who you are marketing to.

This is for you if you are:

confused about what you do

unclear about your ideal clients

unsure about your credibility

hesitant about standing out

frustrated by all the confusion

If you want:

Clarity over who you are in your business
Clarity how to serve your clients
Clarity about what your business stands for
Clarity about which words to use
Clarity about how to put across what you do
more clients

LIVE THE DREAM! Don’t let your dream slip away.

Trained as a coach, I was eager and ready to go out into the world and make an impact. However, I had been a teacher for 24 years, an employee in various forms for 30 years. I was not ready to be an entrepreneur. Sure there’s lots of people posting on the internet about how lucrative coaching and entrepreneurship can be.

I love this life. I love my work. I am passionate about helping others who want to do the same thing. Beyond all the fake news about how much you can earn, beyond all the self-doubt, uncertainty and comparing yourself to others (who may or may not be liberal with the truth) there lies YOU and all YOU have to offer.

I want to help you be successful, to have an impact on the world and to enjoy the freedom that your lifestyle can bring. The world needs you to succeed and I want to help you have clarity about every aspect of your work.

“What I loved about working with Karen was her ability to listen but challenge me into a new way of understanding myself. Getting the ‘bare bones’ of my business understood, what it was about, the branding I wanted to portray and how to price my offers. The work has given me confidence in my ability to serve women be empowering them to be the magic that they are. I thoroughly recommend Karen as coach for business clarity.”  —  Emma, Wildly Successful Mamas

Brand Your Brilliance

Brand Your Brilliance



“I worked with Karen looking at my branding for my coaching business. The assessment uncovered what was already there but some of which, I hadn’t noticed and so had gone neglected. Bringing forward the themes of my branding has really enabled me to further establish the direction of my business, who I work with and how I will continue with future steps and strategies.
Karen herself was wonderful. I was a real sceptic to this work and had decided ahead that it was unnecessary, however, she patiently showed me that rather than there being more to do, there was in fact less. It was simply a matter of bringing through the themes that I already loved and ditching the rest. Karen’s love for connection and service shines through and I really would recommend anyone working with her.”  —  Nicky Bartley

How it works:

We will meet over Zoom or by phone.
Run through an assessment.
Identify your unique brilliance.
Create statements to pinpoint what you stand for in your business.
Identify what you are an expert in or at.
Define your Brand Promise (what you deliver to your clients, regardless how they interact with you)
Get clear on your community and ideal clients.
Add personality to your brand.
*All of this is what is unique and authentic to you.
You are then emailed with your Personal Branding Blueprint so you can refer to it for clarity and confidence and in your marketing. 

2 weeks after: email to check-in and the offer of a follow-up call to review aspects of your creation.


Establish a brand that is individual to YOU
Gain clarity about your community and ideal clients
Articulate your products and services more clearly
Vocabulary to use in your marketing to connect to your ideal clients
Unleash the expert within you
Your personal Blueprint to refer to