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“Vulnerability is weakness”; that’s how many of us see it.

Often we push away and shut our emotions off in order to protect ourselves. We become resentful of those who show their emotions. Through our fear and discomfort we judge and criticise others.

When we think of vulnerability we think of pain and ‘dark’ emotions such as fear, grief and disappointment but emotions can also be ‘light’, such as love, joy, courage and empathy. With vulnerability comes uncertainty and risk and therefore we can tend to avoid it. However, love is also a risk and yet we still embark upon… Continue reading


My husband is very focused on tasks and sees each one through to completion before he moves on. I used to think I was superior as I could multitask. However, I know I get near the end of activities and virtually complete them but don’t always see them through till the end.

Nowadays complete focus on one activity is deemed the way forward and the most productive.

As I write this I am checking my phone, watching TV , answering questions, helping one of my daughters with her phone and talking to my husband.

It is difficult to monotask these… Continue reading


Change is inevitable. Have you ever wondered why change is so stressful for many of us? Even good transitions are stressful. It is fear of the unknown and adjustments to our day-to-day lives which cause the stress and both good and bad change all need adjustment. Also if we encounter situations or events that are not consistent with our core beliefs we experience levels of stress. Our brains expect most things to stay as they are. The earlier we learn something in our lives the harder it is to change. That is why children are more adaptable to change as… Continue reading

Stress and How to Survive

I have always viewed stress as negative, until now. Don’t get me wrong, it can be extremely detrimental to a person’s health but recent research and articles are stating that it is how we view stress that is the difference between whether it adversely affects our health or improves our lives.

Stress is inevitable, although I agree that some people experience stressful situations more than others. I have certainly had my fair share of those over the years.

One of my close friends always encounters stressful situations. The phrase, “It can only happen to me,” is frequently discussed over the… Continue reading

Life Coaching and Cooking

Whilst cooking last week, I began to think about what we could have for dinner. I wondered about what I wanted to cook, what I would need, whether I had all the ingredients and if not where could I easily get them from as well as how long it would all take.

I suddenly realised that this is like life coaching: planning the end goal, evaluating if I have all the skills I need, where can I get them from if I need more and how long it will take.

Just like in a recipe, we may need to adjust… Continue reading

Want more time?

Time is such an enigma. How many times do you say, “I never have enough time” or “I need more hours in a day!” I am guilty of saying these frequently.

Sometimes we need to put in time and commitment in order to achieve and to make something successful. However, we need to ensure some form of balance. The most successful people work hard for long hours but balance it by planning quality time as a break to recharge their batteries and be able to go again.

Plan in quality time with those you love. Look after your health. Plan… Continue reading

Sacred Clowns

Have you ever had one of those days when you feel that someone is out to get you? It’s almost as though it is their mission for the day. They are pushing all your buttons and as a result you are not very happy.

In order to shift our thoughts we should take some lessons from Native Americans. Many Native American tribes have had what is commonly known as Sacred Clowns.

In his book, Happy This Year! , Will Bowen writes about the purpose of Sacred Clowns. This is an esteemed position in the tribe and their role is to… Continue reading

Being Grateful

About 6 months ago it was suggested that I should say thank you to the Universe, at the end of each day, for something I am grateful for.  If I did this regularly I would develop a more positive outlook on my life.

Although I began, I did not remember to do it very often; not long enough to form a habit.  Through all the reading and research I’ve done since, practicing gratitude seems to come up again and again. I began to realise this was worth pursuing properly.

I even began to encourage the family to say something we were each grateful for, that had happened to… Continue reading

What’s your soundtrack?

I listened to some music as I was cooking the other day and one of my favourite songs of the moment came on. I began to dance around the kitchen; not a pretty sight I’ll grant you but I felt good. The song was ‘Uptown Funk’ and is not only catchy but I also associate it with a Danceathon I had organised at school for Red Nose Day. We had thoroughly enjoyed the day and had raised an awful lot of money so it had been a highlight for me.

I suddenly thought, why hadn’t I made a playlist of… Continue reading

Personal Growth

Last month, I met a close friend and we had one of those long catch-ups when we put the world to rights. I was sharing with her the joys and discoveries I had made through Life Coaching and she began to tell me how unfulfilled she was feeling. She had been studying for a degree for years whilst working full-time and has three children so life had been pretty full on. Then she had passed her qualification and had begun a new role in the same place of work. However, life had not been quite what she expected from this… Continue reading

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