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About Me

About me...

I have spent over 22 years as a Primary school teacher and leader.  During this time, I trained in ‘Protective Behaviours’ and ‘5 Ways to Wellbeing’.  I have always been interested in self-help books and as I did this training (as well as reading ‘Stop Thinking, Start Living’ one summer holiday)  I began to develop an interest in thought and how the mind works.

Then, I decided that I needed a new challenge and so embarked on an accredited Diploma in Performance Coaching with NLP.  Working as a coach gives me the opportunity to help adults and children get the most out of their lives.

Moving Forward...

Recently, I have been introduced to coaching through understanding how we create our experience of life and our unlimited potential.  We have wellbeing, resilience and incredible potential built-in.  There is nothing to learn or practice but as awareness develops unwanted behaviours change as our old thinking drops away and new thinking comes in.

I have invested a great deal in training and coaching and this new understanding has transformed so many areas of my life, such as; relationships, parenting, work and health and I no longer need to ‘manage’ symptoms of stressful living.  Nothing has been more powerful as seeing the principles behind my experience and how this one solution can transform lives.  It certainly has mine!

My mission is to support individuals, groups, schools and organisations to understand the nature of human experience and underlying principles in order to recognise and utilise their innate wellbeing and wisdom and live happier and more harmonious lives.


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