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Be More Human

People seem to be more aware of how they are feeling. They label their feelings as ‘good’ and ‘bad’ but feelings are neutral and are part of being human. It frequently appears as though our feelings are coming from something outside us; from our bank balance, partner, children, job or boss.

Some feelings can seem really strong; ones we wish would go away. The stronger the feeling, the more we feel it is telling us about something true and the more it appears we need to act to change something. We begin to try to ‘fix’ our circumstances, or think we need to ‘rescue’ either ourselves or those around us from a particular way of being/feeling.

Our experience of life is brought to us via Thought. Our awareness of everything that we experience through our senses still comes to us through thought and via our consciousness. If that weren’t the case then we would all have the same experience of what we see, hear, touch, smell and taste.

Thought and feeling are like two sides of the same coin. Our feelings are telling us about the nature of our thinking in any given moment. They are intrinsically linked.

Test it out: Try having a happy feeling whilst thinking a sad thought. Try having a sad feeling whilst thinking a happy thought. It is not possible.

It is when we believe that our feelings are telling us anything other than about our thinking in the moment we become stuck. The biggest challenge is that it doesn’t look like it is coming from our thinking. It looks like it is coming from something outside of us. That is an illusion.

The truth is, whatever you think you feel. It is not the content of the thinking that is the problem either; it is the amount of preoccupation. You do not need to try to replace it with more positive thoughts. That just adds more preoccupation as you try to do something about the thought instead of the situation. Then it hangs around as we work to get rid of it.

The good news is, our thoughts are invisible and fleeting. They create the illusion that we are experiencing something or indeed someone outside us. But, our reality is generated from inside us. This is the same for everyone.

When we understand where our experience is being generated from, we can see it more clearly for what it is then common sense seems to re-engage. There are no special techniques to employ.
It is like trying to repair the weather. The clouds in the sky come and go. They momentarily obscure the sun and move on. Our thoughts float by. Some settle a little longer in our consciousness and some rage like a thought storm! But, like the clouds in the sky, they will all pass by eventually. The more we leave our thoughts alone, the quicker they go.

“If the only thing people learned was not to be afraid of their experience, that alone would change the world.” – Sydney Banks

Embrace what it is to be human. Be more human.

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