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When it looks like you need more… resilience

When it looks like you need more… resilience

As you transform in your business you can experience discomfort and resistance.  In fact, this can occur during any period of change in life events.  At the base of this is stressful and insecure thinking.
It can appear in many forms and manifest as:

• Self-doubt
• Frustration (with yourself or others)
• Anxiety
• Physically – in various symptoms
• Overwhelm
• Uncertainty
• Confusion
• Stress
• Exhaustion

Humans are designed with a self-protection mechanism to keep us safe. This was particularly useful when coming face-to-face with a sabre-tooth tiger but it also kicks in and keeps us on high-alert in the modern world.

As a new entrepreneur, I have felt frustrated for not moving forward with the ease and grace I had anticipated when I set out on this journey.  Don’t get me wrong, I have learnt loads and am proud of what I have achieved so far. I have done what I need to when it has occurred to me and for that I could not expect anything more. I have just seen how my ego is helping to keep me safe but appears to be ‘hurting’ me at the same time.

Continuing to think like this is what keeps us from moving forwards, in hiding and afraid of what could be. Our thinking keeps us stuck with what is familiar rather, than the unknown, but it doesn’t appear like that. It appears as though something else is holding us back. Something more concrete. That is not possible. We then try to solve those issues but not acknowledging what is really underlying it. All of this thinking clouds our judgement and stifles our creativity.

Three key things I have learnt:
1. You have everything you need and you will have it available to you when you need it.
2. You don’t have to change it, chase it, battle with it, work it out or even fully embrace it. Just being comfortable with feeling uncomfortable allows you to keep moving forwards one step at a time.
3. Be kind to yourself (and be kind to those around you)

Then you can move forwards with grace and ease, regardless of the circumstances.

I would love to know if this resonates with you. Either post in the comments or email me.


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