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How Do You Feel Now It Is ‘Back To School’?

There is a new chapter on the horizon.  Parents up and down the country may be sighing with relief that the children will be back to school.  Indeed I saw a few posts on social media about half way through the holidays about how their children were behaving. Don’t get me wrong, I prefer to see those than the ones that make out life is idyllic 24/7!  Some 55% of 1,000 mums surveyed by self-development and meditation app Anamaya said that their stress levels go up over the holidays.

An article in a National newspaper referred to research by Friends and Family Railcard: When asked to pick words to describe the holidays 39 per cent picked ‘hard work’, 34 per cent said they were ‘rewarding’, 32 per cent said they were ‘tiring’ and 31 per cent said they were ‘exhausting. Forty five per cent of parents look forward to the children returning to school after the summer holidays.’ (Read more)

One issue over the holiday period is a lack of routine. Bed times and indeed getting up in the mornings all go out of synch, as do eating patterns.  These will all begin to settle back down and everyone will begin to feel more secure again in knowing what comes next.  However, it may not be long before this routine becomes ‘boring’ and we will all be praying for the next holiday so we can take things easy again, without the morning rush to get out to school and the rush to after school activities.

So what is the point of this blog?

Well, it is to enjoy each phase we are in with our children and not keep looking to the next stage in the hope it will be better or easier in any way.  When we hope for the future, for whatever reason, we are missing out on enjoying the present with our children as they grow-up.  Our minds are elsewhere planning the next event which we believe will be better than our current situation.

If we enjoy the present, the here and now, we will enjoy the moments we share with our children far more (and so will they!)  By enjoying the present, I don’t mean practicing some meditation or making it more complicated than just paying attention in the moment.

Day-to-day experiences will become more meaningful and the need for special activities will become less important.  We appreciate each moment for what it is and find parenting more relaxing than previously.  Of course, there will be times when it appears as though they are making us cross but that is a discussion for another day.  Everything in the future (good or bad) is only made up.  We only have the here and now.  So as your children go back to school, enjoy each moment as the present, as it arises with your children, and you will feel more alive and connected.

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