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It’s Not About the Money…

With the result from the referendum I felt insecure, like someone had pulled a rug out from under my feet.  My mind became busy with thoughts about the economy crashing (and indeed the stock market did temporarily).  My husband and I discussed for some time the possible awful consequences of the result.  Then I fell awake again.  It was all made-up. 

We don’t know what will happen in the future. It is impossible.  It is made-up by our thoughts taking form in the moment.  We decided that whatever happened we would be OK because fundamentally we are OK. Life throws things at us. It is part of the human experience but our feelings of dread and insecurity were based on our thinking in that moment and nothing else.

We were surrounded by gloomy messages on television and social media sites.   People worrying about their jobs, financial effects (all made up scenarios about the future)

This led me to realise how easy it is for us to forget where our security comes from.  Not our jobs, not our bank accounts, but from ourselves.  Things do not always work out as we had planned, anticipated or hoped but we need to remember that our experience of life comes from within us and we have innate wisdom; when we stop all the contaminated thinking that gets in our way.

Look at all the rich and famous people in the world and how many of them are in therapy and rehab.  Money is a tool.  Yes, it is useful to pay for things and allows you to do things you want with those you love but it does not buy you happiness and your security is not based upon your job or your bank balance; regardless of how it may appear. 

There are three formless principles that underpin the human experience of life and as you begin to feel and understand them they make you realise that no matter how it may appear in the moment, you have everything you need inside you, and this is the same for everyone.  It is when we come from a misunderstanding that our security comes from outside us that life is more complicated and less secure.

As I described at the beginning of this piece, you can still have outside-in thinking; as I did when I heard the results. But the more the understanding develops, and the more you know where your feelings are coming from, the quicker you can fall out of your thinking and back to reality that you are OK, regardless of how it may appear in the moment.

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