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Your Reality or Mine?

Reality shows are everywhere nowadays. Take your pick.  There are a few I will have to admit that I watch.  Generally, I find them entertaining to watch when there is no one else around and I am overthinking (once I have woken up in the night).  They help me to distract myself from my thoughts.  Once I have watched a programme, I can go to sleep and the noisy thinking has generally stopped.

The other night I was watching a certain American reality show based on a group of housewives.  Suddenly,  right before my eyes I had the perfect example of how everyone has their own version of reality (Even funnier when you consider the genre of the show)  I was watching these ‘friends’ interacting with each other. Sharing information that maybe they should be keeping to themselves and then saying that they never told anyone else in the group.

I wasn’t sure if it was editing, not telling the truth because they were worried, or whether it was the perfect example of how we can filter, delete and distort in order to create our own version of our experiences.

Obviously, one can say it is orchestrated and created for entertainment purposes but watching this I am aware how easy it is as an outsider to see how people can experience patterns of thinking.

Our thinking creates our experiences and our feelings are a reflection of our thinking in the moment.  Our thoughts about things cannot be relied upon to be real, especially if we are in a low state of consciousness (we know when this occurs because we are in a low state emotionally) – it is our perspective/perception, and then we act accordingly.

It is good to be aware of this and increase our awareness of ourselves and learn which thoughts and feelings to act on and which to let go and pay no attention to.  The more we develop awareness of this the better we will see it in others too and the stronger our relationships will become.

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